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Here is what the Giant Bass Player uses to create music:

’'’My Basses’’’

’'’1.’’’ ‘’‘[http://www.modulusguitars.com/ Modulus]’’’ ‘'’Basses Genesis V 5 String:’’’

My main guitar. I purchased this guitar in early/mid 1999. This guitar is great. It is well balenced, has a wide variety of tones, is easy to play, and looks really great. The main distinction of this bass is it’s new hybird wood/graphite neck. The reult of this neck is a bass that sounds almost identical to a Jazz bass, but with a neck that never needs adjustment.

There were many factors involved with me purchasing this bass. The main reason was that I was beginning to see that my Warwick was limiting my playing and hurting my technique. Delicate maneuvers were all but impossible on the extremely neck heavy Warwick Thumb that I had previously, especially songs like Hungry Ears. The low action, great pickups, and good balance of the Modulus has allowed me to explore more sonic territory and be a much better bassist.

’'’2. Ibanez TR 150:’’’

My first bass. Doesn’t get used much, other than for home slapping practice. Much easier to slap a 4 string bass than a 5 string bass. Still, you can hear this bass on the studio version of Biscuit Willy. It has a very distinct tone and a really fast neck. I really sould play it more, but I like the extended range of the 5 string, so the 4 sits.

’'’My Amp’’’

’'’Head: Peavey T-Max Head:’’’

For the price, this head is by far the best value I have seen on the market today. Check it out if you are on a budget and want a versitale, loud bass amp.


’'’SWR Goliath Jr. III:’’’

A 2X10 head, with extremely accurate tone. The main reason I bought this was it would fit in the trunk of my previous car. It has become the main cabinet that I use in rehersals and gigs. Loud and clear, what more do you need.

’'’Peavey 115BW:’’’

A 1X15 head. When I want a fuller sound because of little/no PA I lug this beast around. The 15” speaker gives a fuller bass sound than the 2X10. The tweeter in the head is shot, so I rarely if ever use it alone. This thing weighs a ton.

’'’My Effects’’’

’'’Morley Bass Pro Wah:’’’

My favorite aural destruction device. Listen for it a lot at the end of Project Pu. Best bass wah I have found. You can make some really awesome sounds with this thing, but I tend to shy away from it for gigs. I may try to use it more in the future. It really does a good job of controlled feedback.

’'’DOD Icebox Chorus:’’’

Use it occasionally. Picked it up really cheap. Fun to mess with, but not that great of a bass pedal. Can occasionally be heard in Sweat.

’'’LOOKING FOR:’’’ Electro-Harmonix Bass Balls pedal, or other vintage bass effects.