Magpu made music from 1998 to 2003, primarily around the Dallas - Fort Worth area. We still like the music we made, and hope you enjoy it too.


  • We’re back! After a few weeks of server outage, is back in action, with a revamped look and a better way to play audio. We’re using modern tooling that makes for easier updates. Thanks for visiting – check out some tunes while you’re here!

  • Give yourself burrito transplant surgery!

  • Some more flyers and newspaper scraps:

  • Happy 12th anniversary, Magpu!

  • More flyers, artwork, and postcards from Club Dada! (The latter are not exactly flyers nor artwork, but we have them anyway.) Visit the following shows to see what’s new:

  • The 2003-03-01 jam session is now available for convenient listening through your web browser. Check it out!

  • A cornucopia of flyers and fantastic artwork! Check out the following shows for freshly-uploaded images:

  • Nine years ago today, we played a special show at Club Dada. Check it out: 2000-06-22

  • 7-11! Just uploaded are two shows from seven and eleven years ago today: 1998-05-08 and 2002-05-08 Check out the first Freighd and the last Ride the Tide!

  • Seven years ago today, Magpu played the Gypsy Tea Room. We were quite pleased with how the show turned out, and put together a mix of the audience and soundboard recordings. It’s now available for your listening enjoyment! You can find the show here: