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This is what I do when I am not working and not Puing.

Disc Golf:

Otherwise known as frisbee golf. Yes this is a real sport, with real courses and tournaments. I have become an avid fan and player. In general the people are great and it is a good excuse to get outside. If anyone who reads this want to play, send me an e-mail.


  • [http://www.pdga.com/ PDGA] - The Professional Disc Golf Association
  • [http://www.disclife.com www.disclife.com] - A good magazie style page
  • [http://www.disclife.com www.discgolf.com] - A good information page


This is my primary sport. Due to bad knees, this replaced basketball as my stay-in-shape activity.

Ball Golf:

Ball golf rules too. I really suck, but I can hit the ball really far. Brian goes to play just so he can laugh at how many fairways my drives cross. You have not really played golf until you have played golf with Magpu.