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A Short history of My Musical Journey

It all begins in 1974, when the universe began, err, I was born. The early years consisted of lots of Sesame Street and banging on things. Gradually as I grew older, my parents upgraded the music to Anne Murray and John Denver, with a couple of Dallas Cowboys Christmas Albums thrown in. Needless to say, it is amazing that I am still alive. When I became old enough to begin expressing opinions, Country became my music of choice. WBAP was constantly on in my bedroom, and my array of Alabama (whom I still like) albums was staggering.

In about 1981 I started in on Piano lessons. These continued with until 1985 when I started playing Trombone in Jr. High. This is where the musical transformation to present day really starts. With 8th grade, came my first musical friends. These friends introduced me to heavy metal. Pretty soon WBAP was out an Z-Rock was in. Soon it was Def Lepard, Poison, Motley Crue . Don’t laugh, you know you were doing it too.

This musical tranformation led to me wanting to play guitar like all 14 year old boys. After about 6 lessons I gave up, as I just didn’t really like it, and I was already doing a lot with Trombone. This didn’t last too long as glam rock was almost dead. Next it was on to the like on Pantera, Metallica, Anthrax and Faith No More. These, along with classical were my primary listening choices in High School.

High school was a very busy musical time for me. My trombone playing was reaching high levels. I was blessed with being in one of the best instrumental musical programs in the state. Our band director introduced us to odd time signatures as well as modern musical concepts. We played a lot “experimental” music in high school band. I was also involved in the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, a side project of the Dallas Symphony. Through this I was able to play with the DSO and meet and play with several Symphone professionals. I was introduced to classical music from all genres during this time and was engrossed in its complexity.

Well high school came to an end and I decided to get shipped off to the music hell hole of Texas A&M. I continued my trombone playing in the University Symphonic band, but that only lasted 2 years. It took too much time for the payback, considering it didn’t count towards my degree. I quit. After about one semester I was going crazy, because for the first time in 10 years, I had no music going on. I guess I will throw in my current musical tastes here, Still on the later High School stuff, with a smattering of grunge, mostly Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots thrown in. I also began listening to more progressive rock, Queensryche, Dream Theater, and Rush during this time.

Due to a friend of mine buying a guitar, I conviced myself I would pick up a bass and we would make a band. I got the bass, but the band never happend, but at least I had a way to make music. I began looking for other people to jam with. This is how I first met Brian. I had been playing for all of 3 months when I met and ran through a couple of Rush songs with him (rather badly). No band formed, but we kept in a little contact and went to see several shows together. I just continued practicing and kept listening to more jazz oriented and progressive music.

That brings us to the present where I mainly listen to progressive rock music with some Jam-bands thrown in. I am still searching for my real inspiration. The most common compliment (I guess) that I get is that I play like Phil Lesh. I find that ironic becaue I have listened to very little Grateful Dead. But he is an awesome player. Trying to find the balence between creating, holding, and destroying the groove is the hardest part about being a bass player, but it is also the most fun.

If you read this entire thing, you are truly insane, but I hope it in some way enlightend you, or at least didn’t cause any injuries.


List of bands I listen to regularly now.

  • I Mother Earth (I really like this band, I seem to be the only one)
  • Rush
  • Dream Theater
  • Phish
  • Old Metallica
  • Early 20th Century East European/Russian Classical.
  • King Crimson/Projekt 1-4