Magpu Audio/Video Recording and Transfer Policy

(Adapted from the Phish Audio Recording and Transfer Policy.)


Magpu welcomes audience taping (audio and/or video) of all our live shows. Non-commercial trading of audience recordings of live Magpu performances is allowed and encouraged.


Audience taping (audio and video) is permitted at all Magpu shows.

The enjoyment of the audience in attendance at a concert always takes precedence over recording efforts. This means that at no time should tapers ever require other patrons to be quiet or otherwise interfere with their enjoyment of the show.

Soundboard patches are sometimes available; check with a band member at the show to find out whether a patch is allowed, but also keep in mind that we have a ridiculous amount of equipment to set up, and therefore may not have time to assist you in this matter.


All taping must be for personal use only, which may include trading (via analog or digital tape, CD, DVD, solid state storage, or digital file transfer). Recordings may be traded only for an equivalent amount of similar media, pre-recorded or blank.

Regardless of any expenses incurred, no money may ever be exchanged as part of a trade; however, stamped, self-addressed envelopes may be included with blank media. In addition, the media by which audio and/or video trading is publicized may not be commercialized. Therefore newsletters, web sites, clubs, or any other communication forum facilitating audio and/or video trading cannot accept advertising, offer links for compensation, exploit databases compiled from their traffic, or otherwise derive any commercial proceeds in any form. Stores or businesses may not offer to duplicate Magpu media for customers or sell or otherwise provide media containing unreleased Magpu music for any price.

Broadcast of unreleased Magpu recordings via radio or online is permissible only if it conforms to all the guidelines applicable to other forms of duplication.

Audience taping at Magpu concerts is authorized for non-commercial purposes only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is strictly forbidden. All Magpu performances and recordings are the exclusive property of Magpu. All rights reserved. The privileges to record Magpu performances set forth in this policy constitute an express, revocable license. We reserve the right to withdraw our sanction of recording, media trading, and/or non-commercial digital audio and/or video file transfers on a case specific basis or in general, as we deem necessary. No waiver of any copyright or trademark right is intended.